Chemical Engineering is one of the relatively younger departments of Istanbul Technical University (ITU), which is the oldest engineering school, of 243 years of age, in the country. The chemical engineering education in ITU was initiated in the Maçka Technical School in 1958 as a four-year program issuing undergraduate degrees, and the first class of chemical engineers graduated in 1962. The Faculty of Chemistry was founded in 1963 and between the years of 1963-1969, a five-year program issuing graduate degrees (equivalent to an M.Sc. degree) in chemical engineering was pursued. A transition to separate undergraduate and graduate programs of four and two years, respectively, was realized in 1969. The Faculty of Chemistry was organized as six divisions (Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Fundamentals) in those years. In 1982, the latter two divisions (Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Fundamentals) offering about 60% of the undergraduate courses at the time, were restructured to form the Department of Chemical Engineering in the Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, while the other four divisions were reorganized as the Chemistry Department in the Faculty of Science and Letters. The Department of Chemical Engineering was structured in the form of four divisions (Unit Operations, Process and Reactor Design, Chemical Technologies, Thermodynamics and Energy Technologies). The most significant organizational change that has taken place within the department during the last ten years, has been the transition in 2003, from an organization and management system dominated by the competition of the four distinct divisions to that guided by a cooperative departmental understanding and collective planning, as a result of the combination of the four divisions.

The undergraduate program in chemical engineering was evaluated by ABET in 2003 and was judged to be “substantially equivalent” in 2004 to similarly named accredited programs in the USA. Continuing the improvement efforts for the following years, the program was evaluated by ABET for the second time in 2010 and was accredited for six years.

Updated: 20.06.2016