Pilot Plant Equipments

Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
Continuous gas phase tubular reactor
Differential Reactor System for Gaseous Phase Catalytic Reactions
Rotary Evaporator
Fluidized Bed Crystallisator
Cyrstallisation and Dissolution Units
Flotation System
Fermenter (10 lt) Vitris Model 43-100
Votsch Test Cabinet (14 lt) Type : VMT 04/16
Votsch Deep-Freezer (300 lt) Type : VLM 09/300
Vapour Generator Fulton; Vapour Outlet Capacity 100 kg/h, Pressure 3 bar
Rotary Dryer; Apex Model : SSE37M
Flash Evaporation Unit
Solid-Liquid Extraction Units
Liquid-Liquid Extraction Units
Spitzkasten (used for classification of solid particles)
Sprey Dryer
Fluid Flow Systems
Conduction Heat Transfer Unit
Convection Heat Transfer Unit
Conical Mixer
Crushing Units
Sieve Analysis Units
Four Staged Evaporator
Gas Adsorption Unit
Reactor (with heating and cooling system, 50 lt)
Fluidized Bed Combustion System
Filter press
Rising Film Type Evaporator
Bubble-Cap Distillation Unit (20 lt)
Packed –Bed Distillation Unit (10 lt and 50 lt)