After Graduation

Dear Graduates of Chemical Engineering Department,

Recently, one of the major issues discussed nationwide for Turkish Universities is the question "Why not enter the world top 500 universities in the degree classification?". In fact, the answer of this question is more complicated than expected. However, if one dimensional approach is intended to provide a contribution on this question, there is a significant degree of alumni support and contribution undeniable to almost all universities entered the top 500 in the world. This contribution and influence is so strong that the role of graduates is accepted one of the three main parts along with students and faculty members. Therefore, graduates will be well educated, in the process of lifelong learning with their own and with the support of Department-University, they will improve themselves in terms of knowledge, culture, skill and finance and by supporting their institutions with all these, they will be together exalted in organic, iterative, constantly communicating and improving manner. As Chemical Engineering Department, our gates, our laboratories, our libraries, our knowledge, in short, all the facilities we have  always been open to our graduates. After that it aims to be as functional as it is open.