Frequently Asked Questions

Questions very frequently asked about the Dual Major Program 

Question : Is it possible to repeat the freshman and junior years of my education in order to advance my grades so that I can apply for the DMP?

Answer : No. According to article 4 of Senate Practice Fundamentals for DMP, students who are in their third year cannot apply for the DMP even if they had not taken any course from the third year. 

Question : This is my second year in ITU and I am a junior class student. If I take some courses from the third or fourth year, Can I apply for the DMP again?

Answer : Yes, you can apply for it.

Question : I want to apply for the DMP at the end of my first or second year. To do this, What should be the proper way to follow in my first major program?

CEVAP : First, try to keep your GPA as high as possible (keep in mind that at least 35 credits at the end of first year, at least 75 credits at the end of second year must be completed and your GPA must be at least 3.00). In addition, if your first major program consists of some elective courses during your first and second year of education, try to choose the one's that are equivalent in your second major program. Thus, the number of credits you need to take will reduce in your second major program.     Carefully examine the curriculum of the second major program specifically prepared for the DMP students. If it is not ready yet, inspect the full curriculum of the second major program that you want to apply and refer to related DMP coordinator of the second major program to get some help.

Question : I am a DMP student. What Should I do when I realized that one course is equivalent for both of the programs? 

Answer : If you took and passed the course, apply to the related Faculty by a petition for the exemption of the course. You can be exempted from the course if its content is found adequately equivalent.